Silagen Scar Refinement System

Improve Healing and Decrease Visibility

There are so many considerations when considering a cosmetic procedure. The list of the top five patient concerns are:

1. Results
2. Cost
3. Recovery
4. Pain
5. Scars

After any operation, a patient will have an incision that likely has been closed with stitches, also known as sutures. Some types of sutures are absorbable and do not require removal. Non-absorbable sutures, for example, nylon or metal skin sutures, will need removal. These types of sutures can cause some sort of scar, the visibility of them after completely healed depends on the steps and precautions your surgeon takes.

Dr. Constantine takes every possible measure to minimize the appearance of scars both during the procedure and after. When operating, he takes additional time and effort suturing his patients. This ensures proper healing. Post-operatively Dr. Constantine recommends using the Silagen Scar Refinement System and the VitaMedica Recovery Support System with Arnica Montana.

Silagen is the first and only comprehensive physician-exclusive line of medical grade silicone scar therapies. Scars produce excessive transepidermal water loss for as long as one year postoperatively. This abnormally high level of water evaporation stimulates collagen to be formed more rapidly than normal. If unchecked, excessive collagen production leads to abnormal scarring. When Silagen silicone is applied over the scar, it helps keep the production of collagen at a normal level. After 2-3 months of using the Silagen treatment, collagen normalizes and hypertrophic scarring is significantly reduced.

Dr. Constantine and his staff will discuss Silagen scar therapies with you before your surgery.