RejuVAnate Vaginal Health

You can once again enjoy intimate moments with the one you love by stimulating new cell growth. CO2 laser treatments have proven to stimulate and promote the production of collagen. New skin cells will be produced in the underlying layer of tissue layers bringing about smoother, tighter and healthier skin. 

RejuVAnate laser treatments are vaginal rejuvenation treatments which are minimally invasive and safe. Using heat to simulate collagen and cell production. These laser treatments may help alleviate symptoms such as painful intercourse, vaginal dryness, recurring infections, and involuntary bladder leakage.

Enjoy Sex Again 

Sexual health is an important part of every adults life. However, mutually enjoyable moments can become far and few between if the sex is painful. Vaginal laser treatments may restore the lubrication and elasticity inside the vagina and reduce or eliminate "sandpaper sex" that can be associated with menopause, surgery or cancer treatments. 

Vaginal Atrophy 

Millions of women suffer from vaginal dryness, irritation, and itchiness. This is a universal issue that may cause intercourse to become excruciatingly uncomfortable for both partners. 


Stress Urinary Incontinence 

Life is full of surprises and anxieties. Uncontrollable urinary leakage should not be one of them. A single CO2 laser treatment may tighten and strengthen the supporting ligaments that surround the bladder and urethra and reduce or eliminate these embarrassing "accidents." 

Before Your Treatment 

Prior to beginning a series of vaginal CO2 laser treatments. a pelvic exam should be performed and the patient must have had a normal recent Pap smear (last 6 months). Every procedure carries some minimal risks. However, rejuVAnate is a minimally invasive procedure performed under the supervision of a medical professional. A rejuVAnate treatment may help alleviate uncomfortable symptoms, thus improving intimate relationships and daily agendas. 


This vaginal laser treatment is minimally invasive. Patients should be able return home to recover immediately after the procedure and resume their normal daily routine. Vaginal rest is recommended for three days and patients should refrain from sexual activity during these three days. Dr. Constantine will advise you on more specific recommendations.