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Your Skin and Vitamin C

When we think of vitamin C, we generally think of it warding off colds. It has another wonderful attribute: it can help beautify your skin. Tara Elggren, CHHC says, “I encourage all my clients to take an antioxidant like vitamin C. It's great for skin, hair and nails and can even help diminish age spots. It's also responsible for creating and maintaining collagen - the glue that holds the body together.  It's also great for strengthening blood vessels and giving our skin elasticity.”

Our bodies don’t produce vitamin C nor do we store it since it’s a water-soluble vitamin. Our body uses what it needs and the remaining is excreted through our urine.  Because of this, it is essential to get enough vitamin C in your diet. The Mayo Clinic recommends a daily recommended intake for vitamin C for adults 75 mg/day, below is a list of the top vitamin C food sources, as you can see, a healthy diet can easily support recommended vitamin C intakes. 

  • Camu camu berry 1 tsp = 708 mg
  • Acerola cherry 1 tsp = 315 mg
  • Red bell peppers 1 cup = 190 mg
  • Guava ½ cup = 188 mg
  • Kiwi fruit 1 cup = 167 mg
  • Goji berry powder 1 cup = 144 mg
  • Oranges (and other citrus) 1 cup =  96 mg
  • Papaya 1 cup = 88 mg
  • Strawberries 1 cup = 85 mg
  • Broccoli 1 cup = 81 mg

With the correct amount of vitamin C you will reap these benefits:

Reduces signs of aging

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on vitamins and skin health found that middle-aged women who consumed more vitamin C from food sources appeared to have fewer wrinkles and less skin dryness.

Protection from sun damage

Vitamin C can help fade age spots and signs of damage. Carol Glines, Constantine Cosmetic Surgery’s Master Aesthetician says “vitamin C protects skin from the inside out, where sunscreen protects it from the outside in. It neutralizes free radicals and goes hand-in-hand with sunscreen to prevent aging. I recommend using C-Bright by ZO Medical as it contains 10% vitamin C.”

Feel more energized and look better

This is because of vitamin C’s critical role in iron absorption, it helps with energy. Without proper iron absorption people generally feel sluggish, fatigue and weakness...and could lead to anemia.

Promotes hair health and nail growth

Since it’s proven to help strengthening connective tissues, hair and nails will also benefit. A lack  of enough vitamin C can lead to dry or splitting hair, which in turn can lead to hair loss.

A beneficial antioxidant

As always, antioxidants are great for you in general. By also boosting the immunity, vitamin C is a champion of good health.

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