Winner of Constantine Cosmetic Surgery Gives Back 2019!

Congratulations Terry VanMatre!

After weeks and weeks of deliberation, we have finally chosen our winner of Constantine Cosmetic Surgery Gives Back 2019. This story was so impactful and Dr. Constantine immediately knew he could make a huge change in this man's life. Congratulations to Terry Vanmarte!
A little about Terry: he’s a quiet, kind, a dedicated Utes fan, and at 6’2,” he weighed nearly 600 lbs. His physician told him he needed to lose the weight or he would lose his life. That decision was an easy one.
After going through bariatric surgery, he did in fact lose an amazing 328 lbs. He felt like a new man, except there was one thing holding him back, the excess skin that is left behind. After surgery and all the sacrifice to lose the weight, he is still uncomfortable with his body. The skin left behind causes problems physically, emotionally, and mentally.
Insurance providers do not cover removal of excess skin. People who go through a major weight loss are often left stranded with what to do or where do go next to take care of it. Many just deal with the skin flaps as they are unsure what to do or have the resources to take care of it. This leaves the person in a different, although less dire, situation after they worked so hard to achieve their goals. It leaves them stuck.
Dr. Constantine has helped many patients regain their confidence and lives back once losing large amounts of weight or having bariatric surgery as Terry did. After reading and re-reading the submissions, he said, “This is it. This is the one where I can make the biggest impact.”
Terry came in for a consultation and to check his health mid-January. He has been given the go-ahead by Dr. Constantine and Terry's team of physicians to have surgery on March 10, 2020. Terry’s wife Melanie said, "If you give Terry this opportunity you will be changing the life of a great man. The gift you give him will not be for appearance or for superficial reasons, it will change the way he lives his life. It will give him his life.”