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Where Can I CoolSculpt?

One of the first questions we get from patients in a consultation is “Can I CoolSculpt this?”

Generally speaking, “If you can squeeze it, we can freeze it.”

But, the first step for any CoolSculpting question is to speak with a CoolSculpting Specialist. This can easily be achieved by having a complimentary consultation. At your consultation, the first thing that is assessed is the fat itself. The BEST fat (for CoolSculpting) is “fluffy” fat. Pinchable, squeezable fat that has clear borders and an obvious center point is ideal.

Here are the areas that most commonly are CoolSculpted, but don't be afraid to ask your Specialist about other trouble areas for you.

Typical CoolSculpting Areas

The Double Chin

CoolSculpting was approved by the FDA in 2018 to treat the submental area, better known as the double-chin. To accommodate, the makers of Coolsculpting developed a smaller applicator designed just for the submental area called the CoolMini. It's the perfect size to restore contour to the chin area.

The Love Handles

No one loves “love handles” even though we’ve given them an adorable name. Fortunately, the love handles, or flanks, are another great Coolsculpting target area. If you’ve done every ab exercise out there and follow a healthy diet but you still can pinch an inch, Coolsculpting might be a great option.

A note: Like most of the body, love handles are symmetrical so we have two sides to treat. The best way to handle this is to treat both at the same time. Known as "DualSculpting," this process requires two CoolSculpting machines at your location and allows you double your results from the treatment in half as much time.

The Upper Arms

With age comes fatty deposits and loose skin in the upper arm area can lead to a flabby, loose look. Coolsculpting can be a great treatment to reduce the excess fat in this area, the only caveat is that the extra is fat and not just loose skin. Remember: CoolSculpting gets rid of fat, not skin! If the issue is loose skin in the upper arms, removing any fat might make it worse.*

There is an attachment designed specifically for use on the upper arms. It’s called the CoolFit applicator and is flatter and longer to fit the upper arm perfectly.

*If loose skin is the problem, Constantine Cosmetic Surgery can help you with a surgical procedure called brachioplasty. An experienced CoolSculpting Specialist will be able to identify which is best for you (and have the surgeon take a look) if they are in a medical based spa overseen by a Cosmetic Surgeon.

The Upper & Lower Tummy

One target area Coolsculpting is most often associated with is the tummy - both upper and lower abdomen. This isn’t surprising considering our obsession with abs!

The only issue when CoolSculpting the abdomen is the type of fat. Remember, it’s the fluffy, squishy fat that is targeted by the CoolSculpting applicators. Hard, tight fat - which is usually organ fat stored under the muscle layer - is not ideal and should not be treated.* This harder fat is more common in men. (Sorry guys.)

*This type of fat can be treated with a liposuction treatment or a tummy tuck. However, since this type of fat is linked to an increased heart and artery health risk, it should be assessed by your doctor and surgeon.

The Inner & Outer Thighs

Whether the goal is to get a thigh gap or to get rid of saddlebags, the inner and outer thighs can be treated with Coolsculpting. DualSculpting is ideal for the thighs. The outer thigh area has a specialty applicator. The CoolSmooth applicator works on the outer thighs and is specifically designed to grab hard-to-reach fat bulges. Note: This is a tricky place to CoolSculpt and the situation needs to be just right in order to get great results. This is another area where the expertise and honesty of your CoolSculpting Specialist is invaluable.

Axillary “Puff”

The axillary puff is known to most women as the “above the bra fat.” That little poof keeps us from wearing strapless dresses, tank tops, and swimsuits. It’s irritating and it can be easily reduced with the help of the newest applicator, the CoolMini.

In A Nutshell

No matter which area you may be considering for CoolSculpting, the best place to start is to schedule a complimentary consultation. Our CoolSculpting Specialist is highly-experienced and sets proper expectations for patients. Under the supervision of Medical Director, Dr. Steve Constantine - one of Utah’s top cosmetic surgeons - our medical spa offers DualSculpting in our private CoolSuite™ complete with a large screen TV, wifi, a private ensuite bathroom, snacks...and two of every new applicator available.

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