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Dr. Constantine & Staff,

I just want to thank you all so much for such a wonderful experience I had with your office. Either on the phone or in the office your staff was always so friendly and professional. The day of my surgery I was hardly nervous because my nurse was so nice as well as the anesthesiologist.

Dr. Constantine, you are just amazing. You are an amazing surgeon and person. You took as much time with me as I needed and put me completely at ease. I wasn't just another patient, you cared about me, my wants, and helped me decide on what was best. It has only been a week since my surgery and I have hardly any swelling and I am feeling great! I already feel so much better about myself and I love the way I look!

You did such an amazing job and words can't express how much I appreciate you. I will definitely recommend you to ANYONE! Thank you so much again. Thank you also for the beautiful flowers you sent me home with after my surgery! Such a small thing goes a long way and that is another reason I love your office so much! I will be back again!

Thank you again!

Dr. Constantine & Staff,

The card says it all! "There are no words that can fully express the gratitude your kindness deserves."

You guys were all so wonderful in your each and individual way.

Combined you make a perfect team!

I love the results and the entire experience.

My fears were put to rest and I truly felt import and valued. Looking back on everything I will always have such fond memories and will recommend you to all my friends and family.

Thanks again Y

P.S. Brad wants me to also thank you for your professionalism and keeping him up to date and informed.

Brad & Ashley

Dr. Constantine,

I wanted to thank you so much for being such a great doctor and how happy we are with my results, even though it's just been a week and a half. The quality of time you spent for my consult and each appointment since has been more than impressive.

Your sincere kindness right before surgery meant a lot, because I was so nervous and what a relief knowing if any questions or concerns came up you are just a call/text away!

We love your perfectionist personality and how you genuinely care of the success of my recovery!

We've been so impressed with you and your staff and know that you probably don't get thanked near enough...

*Don't ever Change*
Heather W
P.S. You will always get rave reviews to all our family and friends!

Dear Dr Constantine and Prospective clients,

I can't tell you how happy I am with the results of the multiple procedures I have had done by you. I was a former model in New York in my younger years and after having birthed and breastfed three babies in under four years you can imagine the toll that took on my previously youthful looking body. I worked out religiously both pre and post pregnancy to regain my former body but my genetics are stronger than sweat and no amount of exercise could erase or return me to my pre-baby figure. When I started interviewing Cosmetic Surgeons, it was important to me to find a Doctor who took pride in his work and paid meticulous attention to detail. I wanted natural looking breasts, a beautiful belly button, a flat stomach, a thin straight scar line that would be hidden in panties and swimwear, and less "curve" so to speak in my back bra line, hips, and thighs.

After looking at hundreds of pictures on-line, surfing forums and reading personal testimonies - the good, bad and the ugly- I found some pictures of Dr Constantine's work and was drawn immediately to how attractive and natural his clients' results looked. In all, I personally interviewed five different plastic surgeons in the Salt Lake area in a four month period of time and spoke to many clients of other doctors in this area and saw their results. No one I saw even came close to measuring up to the results I saw with Dr Constantine. He is so thorough and up-to-date in his techniques, and he doesn't cut corners in terms of doing something by "feel" because it is faster. He takes great effort and time to make sure of a superior outcome. He also took the time during my multiple consultations with him to patiently answer over 100 of my questions until I was completely satisfied and persuaded that He could deliver what he promised. After my first consultation with Dr. C in February of 2010, I was very surprised when he handed me his business card with his personal cell phone number and asked me to call if I had any questions. When I did call or text him with concerns or questions he promptly answered and made me feel at ease. When I was in doubt about a certain procedure and what would look right for me and my body type he never pressured me or told me what to do but ultimately left the decision up to me. He was also very careful to explain both sides of each situation so that I had very real expectations about what could happen. In fact, in pre-op I was prepared to have a breast lift along with an augmentation but during surgery He determined the lift was unnecessary and decided that less scaring would give me a more desirable outcome. Many other doctors would have done the procedure purely because it meant more profit for them.

I love the outcome! Four months after meeting Dr C I had my surgery and now my breasts are beautiful, proportionate and very natural looking. After liposuction the saddle bags are gone, the hip pudge and bra line fat is smooth and sleek. My tummy has never been flatter, the scar is thin and smooth, and my belly button is perfect! I used to hate looking at my sagging breasts and chubby stomach in the mirror and would camouflage my body in my clothes as best I could. Now I do a double take when I walk past a mirror - I just can't believe how great I look and that everything that was unattractive - is now beautiful! I feel so lucky to have found Dr. Constantine and am so grateful to be the recipient of his expertise.

Dr C's staff is so professional and helpful. They never seemed to tire of my phone calls or questions and were enthusiastic about how I would feel after having the Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck and Liposuction procedures. I always felt very comfortable and completely at home in his office and when I was the most nervous right before the operation they were very skilled and professional and immediately put my mind at ease. I believe that any woman who has had children and desires to have a youthful looking body again should definitely make the smart decision and choose Dr Steven Constantine. It is one of the most important decisions I have had the opportunity to make for myself right up there with choosing my husband and having children and it is one decision that I will never regret.

Sara S

Dear Dr. Constantine,

I am writing to you after the tummy tuck that you did for me and it is with great regret that I do so. Regret that I didn't meet you sooner and that it took me so long to make up my mind. Having had the surgery performed by you was the best thing that I ever did for myself. It is truly unbelievable how the feelings towards my appearance have changed.

When I visited your office for a consult about a year ago, I was feeling quite disappointed with the way my body had changed over the years. I felt unattractive after having had six medically needed surgeries (including three c-sections) in the lower abdomen. I did not like looking at myself in the mirror. I had lost weight and worked out for two years in the hope that the belly would go down. Although it did improve some, it was not enough to make the difference that I wanted. I knew that plastic surgery was going to be my only way out.

During my visit, you were great in explaining the tummy tuck procedure and how it would change my appearance. You were extremely informative and explained everything in plain English. It was great not having to decipher medical terms. I especially appreciated the way that you made me feel because at the end of our consult, I walked away not feeling obligated or rushed into a decision. I called you a few times after that and again you were encouraging and patient with my questions. You always let me know that you would be ready whenever I was. I always felt like I was speaking with a friend and not just another doctor.

You performed my tummy tuck on July 27, 2007. I had my first real look at the new me about a week later. I was so pleased and surprised that I actually cried. I never thought I would see myself with a flat belly since I'd always had a small pouch even before I was married and had children. It's been 2 months now and I continue to see the improvements as the swelling continues to go down. When I started my exercise regimen 2 years ago I was a size 10. After the weight loss and now with my surgery I'm down to a size 4. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! Now I'm able to use low rider jeans and a two piece bathing suit without having anything hang out the waistbands. I look at myself in the mirror everyday in awe. I just love the body that I'm looking at.

Your incisions were clean and it appears now as a very thin line. If scarring is going to be left it will barely be noticeable. When I speak of you to my friends and family, I call you my Michaelangelo for my body was your canvas and you did such a great job. Too bad you can't show me off at a museum.

I so want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your excellent/artistic work, for your patience, understanding, and friendship. In addition, I also want to thank you for the care and attention you gave me post-operatively. You always made time to speak with me over my concerns or to set some time aside to see me in your office.

In ending, and although I do miss you, I just want to extend my best wishes to you in your endeavors in Utah. I would also like to offer you the opportunity to share my wonderful experience with your clients including my before and after photos and my telephone number. Any of them can feel free to call me if they need to speak with someone who has been through the experience.

Sincerely, your friend,
Miriam C.

Dear Dr. Constantine,

Thank you so much for consulting with me today and reviewing my situation at length. Like I explained in the consultation, I have had the opportunity to meet nearly a dozen different plastic surgeons throughout the Salt Lake and Davis counties over the last two years. Your overwhelming kindness and honesty took me aback and your genuine concern over my specific issue was refreshing. You were by far the first surgeon I have met who has not caused me to feel rushed. You listened and actually heard what I was saying. I am, admittedly, still quite embarrassed about the ridiculous tears I shed. I am normally a great deal stronger than that.

There is no question in my mind that you are the surgeon I want to have perform this procedure. I believe that you will be able to do the surgery without looking at me like another "cookie cutter" procedure. That comforts me.

Thank you so much for taking the time to see me today. Your caring was an unexpected, yet truly appreciated bonus. You have certainly renewed my faith in the belief that there are plastic surgeons out there who do truly care about the patients they treat.

Best regards,
Deborah W.

Dear Dr. Constantine,

Thank you for being so accommodating to let me do my surgery the day before Thanksgiving. It means a lot to me that you are willing to do so for your patients. I can not wait to have this procedure done. It means so much to me to finally have my old body back! I look at pictures and the idea that I could have that body again is surreal. Your demeanor and overall personality make me feel overly confident that you will do an awesome job in helping me attain my goal. Thank you so much to you and your staff for the kindness you all showed me while I was in your office. You are all wonderful and I will definitely refer my friends to your practice!

Becky T.

To all the Staff,

Thank you all for the care you gave me, it was superb.
A special thank you to Dr. Constantine, I feel and look my old self, but better!
Terri, Thank you for all your help with my insurance company. I know you and Dr. Constantine went above and beyond and I appreciate it greatly!

Ive always told everyone the team at "IFCS" is the Best, and once again I've experienced it personally!

Thank you again,

I would like to say thank you to Dr. Constantine for your professionalism and guidance through this entire process, you have helped my confidence on so many levels, and for that I cannot thank you enough.

Frank (anesthesiologist) - Thank you for making me comfortable and safe. Thank you for taking your job so personal.

Amanda - Thank you for all the questions you answered for me and for all of the calls...I know there were a lot!

Teri - Thanks for keeping me comfortable when I came out of surgery.

Sophia - Thank you so much for holding my hand when I was scared!

Thank you very much, to all of you that helped me through this process.


I had an amazing experience with Dr. Constantine and his staff for my surgery in May. I can say without a doubt that I could not have chosen more wisely for my procedure. I have never experienced better care and a friendlier staff with any doctor that I have ever visited. Dr. Constantine makes me feel like I am a valuable patient versus someone that is just bringing in revenue. You can truly tell that he cares for each of his patients and wants the best outcome for them as well. He answers every question in detail and makes sure that you are fully aware of what will happen during the procedure as well as recovery. I'm sure I am not alone when I say that before my surgery I felt very insecure about my body. I had nothing on top and didn't feel very feminine at all. My husband didn't think I needed a breast augmentation done, which I love him for, but I needed to feel better about myself after having my beautiful children. I loved that my chest was measured and Dr. Constantine was able to give me a range of what would be appropriate for my body. I am extremely happy with my outcome and my husband is too 😉 We love how well my implants compliment my figure versus overwhelming me. Oh, I don't want to forget the amazing Anesthesiologist, Frank. Going under anesthesia is a scary thing, but I couldn't have been in better hands! Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Constantine and your amazing staff!!!


I spend 10 plus years debating with myself whether or not I should have a breast augmentation procedure. So many things to consider and worry about. I found Dr. Constantine on line, and his before and after pictures spoke for themselves immediately. There was a quality about his results that really drew me in to researching him more. It took a full year and 3 cancelled consults before I actually made the 4 hour drive to meet Dr. C and his staff. Walking in to a plastic surgery office is was an uncomfortable feeling for me, so with a deep breath, and a little anxiety, I made it through the front doors. The rest was a breeze, and so much more fun that I had anticipated! The front staff are sweet and helpful, I was checked in right away. The waiting room is private, and cozy, and the medical staff were helpful, patient, kind, and gentle. I was seen almost right away when brought to my room, and the darling Nurse made picking out my new size fun and comfortable, like shopping with a girlfriend. Meeting the Dr. I was going to put my body/life/breasts in the hands of was a bit nerve racking for me in the few minuet wait before he entered the room. His warm smile and sweet demeanor instantly put me at ease though. He makes you feel comfortable, and free to talk about your concerns, hopes, and expectations, and "bare it all". I never felt pressured, or lead in any specific direction, but I was given good professional advice and guidance where I needed it when deciding how to alter my body. I left my consult excited, prepared, with great peace of mind, and all of my questions answered. My procedure was a little more ouchey than my consult, but my pain was tended to and managed very well. They are beautiful, and exactly what I had pictured in my mind. I am so happy I decided to stop my chicken dance and have my breast enhanced. It is summer and the sun dresses are just in season 🙂 Choose Dr. Constantine, he will do an amazing job for you. Based on my experience here, I would give two thumbs up to any friend or family member seeking cosmetic procedures, and to all you searching for your "Right One". Set up your consult, see what happens, but odds are you will be writing your own happy review like this if you do.


I have had the BEST EXPERIENCE. Dr. Constantine is amazing beyond words. I was very nervous about getting my Breast Augmentation and Labiaplasty and Dr. Constantine eased all my worries and he walked through so many of my concerns. He went through every option that I had and is so genuine. ALSO, as if I have not bragged enough, his staff is remarkable; I have never felt so comfortable. Last but not least, I love my results. I did not have an easy case and he went beyond my expectations. I feel so feminine and confident and I cannot thank him enough. I recommend both procedures highly and more than anything I recommend Dr. Constantine and his staff.


This was my first experience with Dr. Constantine but not my first with the office. I had many friends come to him for various procedures and all of them were thrilled with the results. The staff is friendly and genuine. Dr. Constantine took time to listen to my concerns and needs and has a warm and honest interest in his patients. I was impressed with the anesthesiologist who did a fabulous job ensuring that I had a quick recovery. I usually get very nauseated and feel groggy for days after surgery but this was the first time I experienced none of those symptoms. I would highly recommend Dr. Constantine and have full confidence that he will provide excellent care to any of his patients.


I would highly recommend Dr. Constantine to anyone. He and his staff are not only competent and experienced they are kind, honest, caring, and great at communicating. I was nervous about my procedure and had put it off for several years because of some personal reservations and Dr. Constantine and his staff were patient, considerate, and committed to my education. I felt they advocated for me and my health, rather than tried to sell me into a procedure that wouldn't have been right for me. I felt they were far more concerned with my health, history, and quality of life, than they were in just pushing me out there door as just another patient. This helped me to know I could trust their expertise and their ethics. I was respected from start to finish in my interactions with them and because of my experience here feel personally empowered, and healed from the discomfort I had previously had with my body. I expected to feel better after surgery, but I did not expect to feel this whole. It has been a healing experience and because of the care Constantine took, his respect for my autonomy, and my health, I would recommend him to anyone. He is a gifted surgeon and a good and honest man. Thank you Dr. Constantine for transforming my life for the better!


Dr. Constantine and his staff are all amazing people. They are all super friendly and make you feel welcome. The surgery I had done was as personal as you can get, and they have gone to extreme measures to be sure that I feel comfortable in every way possible. Dr. Constantine has been great from the beginning by letting me know how he thought the best way to go about what I wanted to have done, what to expect the day of surgery, the first six weeks after surgery, as well as the rest of the healing process. I haven't had any questions go unanswered, and he has made sure to explain everything in a way that I completely understand. Because the area I chose to have him make pretty is the most private of areas, he has made sure to be as respectful as possible and to make sure I feel comfortable and not awkward. If I ever decide to fix anything else that I'm not satisfied with in it's natural state, I'll come back to see them for sure. It's been a major pleasure for me to be a patient of him and his staff, and I'll miss them greatly when the follow up appointments end. I'd fully recommend them if you are considering cosmetic surgery. I have absolutely no complaints.


Best medical help you will ever have!!
Dr. Constantine and his staff truly care about their patients. They do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy, safe and comfortable. They go over everything in detail with you so you don't leave overwhelmed or pressured. This is not just a paycheck for them... this is about taking care of people and making a difference. I love my results and I wish I needed more done just to come in and see Dr. Constantine and his staff more. My results are off the charts amazing!!! Thank you for everything Dr. Constantine and your staff.


When I first had my consultation for breast augmentation with Dr. Constantine I was nervous and wasn't quite sure what to expect or how to explain what I was looking for. I met with his assistant Deborah at first and from that second she put me right at ease. She listened to everything I had to say and was soooo understanding and caring. Then I met Dr. Constantine, he was so awesome and his attention to detail was amazing....AMAZING! He pointed out things that I had never noticed before about my body and then told me how he would work to make everything look the way I wanted it to. He is METICULOUS and so thorough! After we left the consultation, I had a few other consults scheduled and as my husband and I left we both agreed that we were not going to go to anyone else. I never felt dumb or embarrassed about asking any questions. His answers were always honest and comforting. He found out something personal about my family and expressed his gratitude which was really appreciated and unexpected. I just had my post-op appointment and he was just as meticulous as ever. Absolutely LOVE him. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.


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