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It’s a painfully familiar story: you promise yourself to go back to the gym and to count every single calorie that passes your lips. Then, there‘s a friend‘s birthday party or a quick drink after work. “I can start again tomorrow,” you tell yourself. It’s a vicious cycle that too many patients fall into.

When considering surgery, the extra weight becomes a larger problem: it can be a health risk. You chose to have surgery to better your body, self-esteem, and health - not to damage it.

Constantine Cosmetic Surgery is dedicated to your total health and wellness. With that in mind, Dr. Constantine has enlisted the help of Tara Elggren, CHHC. Tara’s focus is to help Dr. Constantine’s patients achieve their optimal weight and health goals. The reason for this is twofold. First, surgical procedures are much safer when the patient is in their best health. Second, being nutritionally sound promotes better healing. These two factors combined optimize surgical outcomes.

Tara Elggren provides a doctor supervised, medically-based program founded on science and nutrition to create an optimal weight loss environment. We all know “fewer calories in than out.” But, sometimes it’s not quite that simple. There is an emotional and social side to weight loss that makes it much more difficult to stay on course. Tara is also there to support in those areas. “She’s a life-coach with a focus on nutrition. She truly understands trying to balance life, work, family and social. Tara gave me endless support throughout this process whether I reached out to her, or her to me. I knew I had help,” says Ann S., one of Tara’s clients.

Whether you want to lose that last ten pounds or 105 pounds before surgery, Dr. Constantine and Tara can craft a program to fit your needs. Always based on sound nutrition practices, the program includes:

  • Initial exam and weekly testing
  • Practitioner consultations
  • Program guidebook and recipe book
  • Solutions for staying active
  • Simple eating guidelines with recipes
  • Progress tracking
  • Lifestyle counseling
  • Nutritional product recommendations
  • Body Composition testing

Free yourself from carrying around extra baggage in the from of fat. Without the burdensome load, aching joints and feelings of depression and unworthiness are replaced by those of happiness and self-esteem.

This is a proven physician-developed, medically-prescribed program that allows anyone to address the conditions that accompany being overweight.

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