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Difference in Safety Standards for Outpatient Surgery

Making the decision to have an elective surgery is not a small one. You obviously want to choose the right doctor to give you the best direction, care and result, but you also need to choose the right facility. Something that most patients we talk to don't know that there are different safety standards that clinics can choose to adhere to. Knowing which safety standard your facility of choice complies with should be a part of making your final decision.  Safety Standards Explained
  • Some surgeons operate in their office facilities which are not certified. In these cases, there are no standards in place for those facilities. We suggest not using non-certified facilities.
  • AAAASF has the easiest standards for outpatient surgery.
  • AAAHC, JCAHO have medium standards for outpatient surgery.
  • Medicare has the toughest standards for outpatient surgery and holds the surgeons, their RNs, and anesthesia providers to the highest safety standards.
At Constantine Cosmetic Surgery, we are a State Licensed Medicare approved Surgical Center. You can be confident that we are taking all necessary steps to put your health and safety first not only with our staff and equipment, but also with our safety measures. Save Save

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