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7 Things to Consider When Thinking About CoolSculpting®

CoolSculpting® is a treatment that can be done simply and effectively, without downtime or surgery. It's a perfect solution for those troublesome areas that are resistant no matter what you eat, don't eat, or what workout routine you do.

As we've helped many of our patients with their CoolSculpting treatments and as I went through my own - these are a few things to think about when considering CoolSculpting:

1. It takes some time.

Even though it's relatively quick to do one cycle (25-45 mins), one cycle isn't prescribed in any normal CoolScuplting treatment plan. This is because one cycle will only cover one half - or one third - of an area. For example, in my treatment plan, my lower abdomen was 2 cycles in the first session and 3 in the second. My upper abdomen was the opposite. This was to produce the great results that I received. Anything else would have left me unbalanced. My abdomen for the first series took just under 2 hours, and this because I could "DualSculpt," otherwise it would have taken about twice as long.

2. Go to a medical spa where you can "Dual Sculpt."

This means placing two cycles (CoolSculpting cups) strategically at approximately the same time. In the above example, it would have taken almost twice as long for me to get my first treatment. We are all in the same boat: we have too much to do all the time, anytime we can save some time with the same great result - sign me up. DualSculpting is key!

3. Make sure your CoolSculpting Specialist is qualified and experienced.

The treatment plans are made specifically for your body and to help you achieve what you want. Your CoolSculpting specialist should know how to provide you a treatment plan to sculpt your body in a way for optimal results. To do this, you need someone who has experience. Our Master Aesthetician and CoolSculpting Specialist has not only completed hundreds of successful treatments, but she is also a graduate of CoolSculpting University - an intensive program for doctors, nurses, and aestheticians at the CoolSculpting headquarters in northern California.

4. Your treatment plan may change after the first session.

After 4-6 weeks, you will notice results from your first CoolSculpting session. At this point and before diving right into the next cycle, your CoolSculpting Specialist should provide you with a second shorter consultation, reviewing your plan and altering it based on your current outcome. This consultation should occur before any of your treatments. Without it, your results will suffer.

5. You won't lose a lot of weight.

Even though the average person loses 20-25% of fat in each area that is CoolSculpted, it doesn't really show on the scale. CoolSculpting is not a weight loss treatment but a body contouring treatment for stubborn areas that you just can't seem to get rid of.

6. The "massage" is not a massage.

The treatment itself is quite comfortable, I worked on my laptop while I had most of my cycles, my mom caught up on Netflix. But, the massage immediately post-treatment can be a different story. But it is an important part of the protocol. The massage provides 60% improved efficacy of treatment (= your results!). It's sensitive because tissue in that area has just. It has been through something. Needless to say, it's not exactly comfortable. My lower back was especially sensitive, most other areas I did weren't an issue. Nutshell: it's worth the two minutes.

7. Remember, it is a procedure.

No, it's not surgery. No, it's not invasive. Yes, it is pretty easy. But, there is so much talk that there is no downtime, some patients are surprised that they move slower for a bit after their treatments. Although you can return to your usual activities the next day without issue - I worked, took care of my kids, walked my dog - I was tender and swollen. Tight garments and some ibuprofen helped ease that the first few days.

Remember, you are doing something specifically to elicit a change in your body - there will be an after-effect just like any other treatment. Waxing gives you irritation and redness, peels make your skin flake, and injections there can be minor swelling and bruising. If you keep in mind that it is a procedure (albeit an easy one) you'll have the correct expectations.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our medical and aesthetics team.

We're here to help!